Friday, November 02, 2007

Holiday Photos - Part 1 - Paris

Well, I finished the room a day early (I kind of cheated, as I started a day early) and so as of today it's back open and ready to be shopped! There is so much to see and I took loads of photos so, I instead of overloading you with it all in one day, I am going to post photos of a different area each day. Today's area is the Paris themed portion of my room. I have eiffel towers in every shape and size, including a giant glass glitter eiffel tower, eiffel tower boxes, wire eiffels etc. The paris postcards come in a tin and are glittered as well, I only have a few of these, and I can't get anymore, so if you love these (and I'm sure you will, they are gorgeous) don't hesitate to grab them! Also in short supply are the darling French word flags, these are fabulous as well! Hope you enjoy the photos, check back tomorrow for more.

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