Thursday, August 06, 2009

Great Design Elements - Local Coffee Shop

A few days ago my friend Lisa took me to a new coffee shop in Leesburg, Va. I don't know who designed the interior, but it had some amazing design elements in it, that I just couldn't resist photographing it. The style was industrial chic, and what I really loved was the use of so many of the original features of the building. For many years this place was an old shoe repair shop, as you can see by the original neon sign above!
These wonderful antique doors were a welcoming site as was the little dog bowl of water along the sidewalk!

My favorite feature was the fabulous shoe chandelier that you see above!! It's hung with antique shoes and boots of all shapes and sizes, and check out the awesome metal ceiling!

Not to be missed was this huge chalkboard, obviously quite popular with the regular patrons, judging by how well used it is!

These tin pails turned into ceilings light fixtures were just too clever!

These were the original shoe signs still hung in place near the counter.

I have to confess this chandelier was hanging in the ladies room, it was so cute, how could I not photograph it?!!

This is the awning out front. The name of the coffee shop is Shoes, Cup & Cork Club. You can click Here for their website. My friend Lisa tells me they have great coffee, I wouldn't know since I'm not a coffee drinker, but I did have a big chocolate chip cookie that was quite tasty. Next time I plan on trying one of their delicious sounding smoothies!

Amitiés Sincères,


Lisa said...

Super cool! I need to visit Leesburg again soon!
Hugs, Lisa

icandy... said...

Did someone say "coffee shop"???? No need to say more... I have a weakness. Oh, I want to go and brew a cup now! The interior of that shop is just way too fabulous~ how inviting!!!!

Hugs and TGIF!
Christina :)

LiLi M. said...

I love this! I love these tin plates on the ceiling. I (coming from Europe, where no such thing excists) discovered them for the first time in Disney Land Paris! It inspired me to wallpaper the ceiling in my bedroom with embossed wallpaper, as I thought back then that it was! I love that shoe chandelier too! Thanks for taking me with you to Leesburg!
Bon week-end!

Christine Edwards said...

How wonderful. I love how they paid homage to the original shoe shop. Definitely a place to visit again.

Mary Frances said...

I absolutely love this has tongue firmly in chic!;>) I live in Texas, but lived in Austin and now in Houston, and this place makes me think of cool little places I have been.
Mary Frances

Jenny said...

Wish I had known about that place when I was in Leesburg a couple of weeks ago--and I blogged about all the great places I hit, too (including Lucketts)! I saw some shops I didn't know about, but didn't get to, so this means I'll have to make a return trip. BTW, I bought an ironstone soup plate from your part of Lucketts; love it.

Sue said...

Great time in Leesburg with you and Pamela yesterday. The coffee shop was awesome - high marks for both the sandwiches and smoothies!!

Sue E.

Linda said...

Wow. I have been subscribed to your graphics fairy blog for over a year and a half, and had no idea that you live in the Leesburg area. I am definitely going to come visit your shop soon. I drive past that store at least 3 times a month on my way to my part time job at a local winery!

donna said...

I LOVE great displays in stores! It truly makes shopping an experience. You always feel you can't leave without taking a bit of it with you. Thank you for sharing!

Debbie said...

Just made my first post today on my new blog with much help from The Graphics Fairy. Thank you Karen for the style you help us add to our blog sites.

I'm a customer of Luckett's store and Fleurish. Been coming to Luckett's for about 10 years. Loved this years Spring Market. I also check out Ekster, Chartreuse & Co., Beekeepers and Shabby chicks.

Don't have any post on the blog yet- it's my first day. Check me out when you get a chance at Old Blush

I'm planning a Tag Sale similar to the one Virgina Crum has at Chartreuse & Co.

Have a good night and great day tomorrow!!

Re've Doux,


Thespa said...

Ok that place is too cool! When can I move in? LOL.

Jeni said...

Hey Karen!
Can't wait to do the Mom/daughter trip to your shop! I'll have to check out that coffee shop too! Maybe we could do lunch soon!
I took your advice and started my new blog! You'll have to check it out! I added your blogs to my list!